Under the supervision of the Board of County Commissioners, the Transfer Station Operator is a non-exempt position under FLSA. This position performs some administrative duties, as well as skilled and semi-skilled work operating the Lincoln County Transfer Station. This employee is responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of the transfer-station, landfill and construction and demolition pit operations while complying with federal and state laws and regulations. This employee must be able to work independently.




Works with citizens and governmental entities regarding solid waste management;
Serves as contact person for the Transfer station and assists the public with inquires regarding the transfer station and landfill operations;
Responsible for assuring that the transfer station is open and operating;
Assures all equipment and machinery is kept in operating condition, performs routines maintenance when necessary;
Weighs, inspects and records all loads of solid waste prior to disposal;
Assess charges and issues receipts, and deposits money with the County Clerk;
Maintains transfer station including packing all solid waster materials for transport;
Maintains county construction and demolition pit;
Maintains tree, brush and yard waste disposal area; white good disposal area; and tire disposal area;
Maintains records and information on the facility’s operation;
Maintains landfill site in a neat and orderly manner;
Supervises transfer station part-time employee;
Responsible for completing and filing appropriate reports with KDHE.


Prepares yearly department budget
Inspects structures prior to demolition and disposal in construction and demolition pit;
Schedules hours of operation for construction and demolition pit;
Burns brush and tree pile when weather conditions permit;
Arranges for removal of stockpiled tires and white goods;
Cleans interior and exterior of building;
Provides snow removal;
Assists Noxious Weed with sale of chemicals;
Constructs and repairs facility fences when necessary;
Attends and participates in training and educational sessions for department employees;
May be required to work overtime during community clean-up days or when part-time staff is unavailable;
Performs other duties as deemed necessary or assigned.

Labeled as: cdl, landfill, Transfer Station, Waste Management