The Medical Lab Technician performs various chemical microscopic and bacteriologic tests on patient specimens to obtain data for use in diagnosis and treatment of diseases.  The Medical Lab Technician provides accurate and timely specimen test results to physicians.  Duties of Medical Lab Technician are clearly defined, in established policies, procedures, and standards of the profession.  This position verifies test results through established quality control procedures and may determine to run additional tests if data appears to be incorrect.



Ability to provide excellent customer service, possess strong written and oral communications skills.
Collects and prepares specimens according to established procedures and physicians’ orders.
Performs quality control procedures to ensure validity of testing
Performs various laboratory bacteriology, urinalysis, serology, and blood bank, evaluating for infection or abnormalities.
Setting and adjusting laboratory equipment and apparatus such as chemical glassware, balance, microscope, and slides, adding reagents or indicator solutions from collected specimens for processing.
Follows infection control procedures to ensure a safe and infection-free environment.
Observes reactions, changes of color or formation of precipitates; prepares and studies slides using microscope.
Ability to make qualitative and quantitative analyses.  Must be self-motivated and self-sufficient.
Able to plot, do graphs and log testing activities, statistics and results according to established procedures.
Ensure appropriate lab testing information is communicated to designated hospital, physicians, and nursing homes
Evaluates the validity of the test results through use of quality control procedures, knowledge of normal values and relationship of values
Perform preventative maintenance on department equipment according to established schedules and as needed.
Able to maintain integrity of test results and continuity of technique from one testing area in department to another
Ability to work under pressure of deadlines and schedules

Requires an Associate Degree as Medical Technician or HEW certification. ASCP certification required.