Essential Job Function / Key Areas of Responsibility:

• Assess potential prospects for the Southwest Kansas Supportive Housing Program.
• Assist and support those that our in our housing program to help them to learn to be self-
sufficient and maintain housing.
• Collaborate with community resources to find the necessary assistance for those in our
housing program or in need of housing assistance.
• Coordinate with landlords to ensure that we find appropriate housing for those in need.

Purpose and Scope:

To help those experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness to locate resources that can assist them with obtaining adequate housing. This position will also handle Disaster Case Management Services in the event of a disaster in our area.

General Responsibilities:

• Complete CoC recommended assessments on those that are experiencing homelessness.
• Provide resources to those that are requesting assistance.
• Provide accurate, quality, and timely services for housing participants
• Provide direct assistance with services.
• Complete Housing Stability Plan with participants and help participants to actively engage in
the goals.
• Work with participants to find resources that will allow them to maintain permanent housing.
• Completing accurate records of services provided; completing required documentation.
• Communicating effectively with community partners.
• Keeping accurate and up-to-date case notes. Case notes should be entered within 72 hours.
• Submit detailed and thorough documentation in compliance with Catholic Charities and HUD
Policies and Procedures.
• Maintain regular and timely communication with supervisor and staff around any issues
concerning the housing participants.
• Participate in ongoing supervision and team meetings.
• Inform supervisor of any challenges, and successes in working with the housing participants.
• Participate in trainings that are available both in and outside the agency.
• Maintains confidentiality and appropriately handles sensitive information in compliance with HIPAA standards.
• Acts as liaison between families and community partners as necessary.
• Update MaacLink Database within 72 hours.
• Complete the ICS 100 & ICS 200 Training Sessions concerning Disaster Management.
• Be aware of the agency Disaster Communication Plan and the roles that each team member
will be responsible for.

Position Specifications/Requirements:

Skills, Knowledge, and/or Abilities
• Proficient in written and verbal communication.
• Highly motivated individual with good interpersonal skills.
• Ability to work collaboratively with people of diverse backgrounds.
• Possess superior organizational skills with attention to detail.
• Proficiency in MS Office.
• Competent use of computer systems and software.
• Maintaining client and agency confidentiality.

Education, Training, Experience
• Licensed social worker (preferred)

Working Environment
• Catholic Charities Great Bend Office.
• May be some need for flexible working hours.
• Some travel may be required.

Interested applicants can apply by sending a letter of interest and resume to Debbie Snapp at